Reading Recommendations

What we're reading right now!

There are so many great new books out for fall! We've picked a few of our favorites for all ages - from board books to biographies!
Panda Pants book cover
Panda Pants by Jacqueline Davies
I want pants, says a little panda to his father. You are a panda, answers the father. Pandas do NOT wear pants.

And so begins a hilarious battle of wills when a young panda tries to convince his father why pants make perfect sense.

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Peck Peck Peck book cover
Peck Peck Peck by Lucy Cousins
In this board book little woodpecker has just learned to peck. He’s having so much fun that he peck-peck-pecks right through a door and has a go at everything on the other side.

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Wild Robot book cover
The Wild Robot by Peter Brown
We love the audio version of this book! 

When robot Roz opens her eyes for the first time, she discovers that she is alone on a remote, wild island. She has no idea how she got there or what her purpose is--but she knows she needs to survive.

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Ghosts book cover
Ghosts by Raina Telgemeier
In this best-selling graphic novel Catrina and her family are moving to the coast of Northern California because her little sister, Maya, is sick.  As the girls explore their new home, a neighbor lets them in on a secret: There are ghosts in Bahía de la Luna.

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Some Kind of Courage book cover
Some Kind of Courage by Dan Gemeinhart
Joseph Johnson has lost just about everyone he's ever loved. He lost his pa in an accident. He lost his ma and his little sister to sickness. And now, he's lost his pony-fast, fierce, beautiful Sarah, taken away by a man who had no right to take her.

Joseph can sure enough get her back, though. The odds are stacked against him, but he isn't about to give up.

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Bridge to the Wild book cover
Bridge to the Wild by Caitlin O'Connell
Over five days we meet a menagerie of magnificent animals—pandas, elephants, gorillas, meerkats, flamingos and more—alongside the longtime animal lover, scientist, and researcher Caitlin O’Connell. See the day-to-day marvels—and sometimes misfortunes—behind the animals’ enclosures that often go unseen by the everyday zoo visitor.

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Whoosh book cover
Whoosh by Chris Barton
You know the Super Soaker. It’s one of top twenty toys of all time. And it was invented entirely by accident. Trying to create a new cooling system for refrigerators and air conditioners, impressive inventor Lonnie Johnson instead created the mechanics for the iconic toy.

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