Clemens Gallery

The Art of Paul Ray

​June 2 - June 28, 2018

A resident Of Rockland Massachusetts Paul Ray graduated from Rockland High School in 2000. Since childhood he has limited verbal communication abilities, has always been a strong visual communicator, and his paintings exhibit his interpretive vision of a scene with maginificent shades of colors rather than strictly realistic portrayal.

During High School Paul started sketching with colored markers in class and in the cafeteria whenever he had time. His Teachers took notice of his talent and mentioned it to his parents in a PTA meeting. So they gave an Apple drawing software on an early macintosh desk computer for him to explore and practice. During a special summer arts & crafts program he really became interested in art. A painting class in 1999 summer at Massasoit College, Brockton led to a two year certificate program in graphic design, followed by an additional two year course of studies in fine arts at Massasoit Community College, Canton.

When speaking of artistic ability we often call it "a gift", even though we all know that any ability or skill requires much discipline and effort to perfect. Paul demonstrates exceptional visual communication skills. His award winning oil paintings are clear evidence of the gift inherited from his father and carefully nurtured through ongoing education at the Boston School of the MFA and taking private lessons with well known artist Becky Haletky and John Kilroy. His painting with an article was published in South Shore Living Magazine, July 2011.

Paul's oil paintings range from local plein air scenes of historical landmarks, seascapes to still life works that tap the muses of Matisse and Cezanne. He is currently shifting his focus to producing large scale oil paintings for potential exhibition at the Northeastern University Gallery 360, whose director Bob Graham saw Paul's work exhibited elsewhere and encouraged him to submit larger pieces for consideration. Paul and his father have family memberships with Hull Artists and Gallery Nantasket, a co-op nonprofit art gallery in Hull.

Nantasket Art Picture

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