Clemens Gallery

The Photography of Emily Lincoln: Nature, Up Close & Personal Macro Lens, Take Me Away!
March 30  - April 25

Please join the artist for an opening reception on Tuesday, April 2 from 6-8.

Artist's Statement:

"Emily Lincoln hails from the Hudson Valley, New York, and Down East Maine, so the pulchritudinous peninsula of Hull seemed an appropriate middle ground when she and her husband Matt were looking for a place to settle down and raise a family.  

Educated at the State University of New York at New Paltz with a degree in K-12 art education, she studied photography, ceramics, painting, sculpture, and drawing. She worked in photo labs in New York, London, South Carolina, and Boston for many years during and after college. Photography was her medium of choice for the post-college years; she would explore city life and country life alike, in the US and abroad, taking advantage of a close-up filter pack on the end of her Pentax K-1000 lens to obtain the smallest details in her compositions.  

After a brief stint teaching photography to adults, she was an elementary art teacher and drama coach at the Mystic Valley Charter School in Malden Massachusetts for three years, and at the South Shore Charter Public School in Norwell for for twelve.  Photography continued to be her medium of choice, but with the advent of the iPhone and its high-quality camera, she began focusing on it in a new way.  Instead of utilizing her old 35mm film camera, her medium format cameras, or even her digital SLR, her iPhone has become her main tool when capturing the images and moments she would like to document. 

Emily had to leave her wonderful job at SSCPS in 2017, due to the disability of not being able to breathe or talk well anymore, as a long term side-effect of radiation to the neck for thyroid cancer treatment back in 2005.  She has the innate ability to see the silver lining in any given situation, so instead of bemoaning her health issues, Emily took an active role in healing herself, through alternative therapies, essential oils, meditation, yoga, diet, and exercise. 

One of the activities that’s integral to her self-proclaimed “Radical Self Care” is a tri-weekly walk on the beach. In the spring, summer, and fall, she can be seen trudging or bouncing along, depending on the temperature and how’s she’s feeling!  Finding interesting subject matter to photograph motivates the walk itself, and utilizing the macro setting in her Camera+ app, she gets up close and personal with the subject du jour. Not filter-shy in the least, she manipulates each image in the editing booth. These striking, colorful photos with intriguing depth of field and contrast have been printed on stretched canvas in sizes from 5x7” to 24x36”, and are currently being sold online through Emily’s Flickr site: "

Net Nest Photo

Application to Exhibit

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