Dolphin Gallery

Girls Just Wanna Paint

November 2 - December 27

Artists featured include; Paula Villanova, Margaret Farrell Bruno, Kelley MacDonald, Jeanne MacFarland, Jody Regan, Mary Sheehan Winn, Victoria C. Brega, Page Pearson Railsback, Sally Dean, Pamela Copeman

Since 2009 this group of accomplished artists has painted a response to a different topic each month, and posted these paintings on their blog:

It is called a 'challenge group' because each artist is challenged to create a painting that is unique and independent of everyone else's work.

After the post goes up, we meet at a different home or studio and discuss our pieces, and the processes that we used, difficulties we had, and successes we enjoyed. We share a meal, a glass of wine, and any other art news we have.

It is a wonderful camaraderie that we share and enjoy, cheering each other on in our painting journey.

Please join all the artists for their reception Monday, November 5th at 5:30-7:30.

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