Conversion Equipment

Conversion Slide
Super 8 Converter

Film to Digital Moviemaker

Converts 8mm or Super8 film reels to a digital files. Our check out model can convert up to 5 inch reels. Another model that can convert 7 inch reels is availble for use in our Training Room.

Film to Digital Converter

Film to Digital Converter

Convert slides and 35mm film into digital photos.

Record Player to MP3 Converter

Vinyl to MP3 Converter

Uses computer software to turn records into MP3 files.

3.5 inch usb floppy drive

3.5 Floppy Disk Drive

Transfers floppy disks to a computer via USB.

Tape to MP3 Converter

Tape to Mp3 Converter

Uses computer software to turn cassettes into MP3 files.

cassette to usb converter

Cassette Tape to USB Converter

Record your tape cassettes onto a usb stick/flash drive. Please note this item only records in mono, not stereo.

35mm slide viewer

35mm Slide Viewer

Allows for viewing of 35mm kodak slides.

Slide Projector

Slide Projector

A Kodak carousel slide projector for viewing 35mm slides. Comes with a carousel.