Dolphin Gallery

The Art of Gayle Loik : My Way

May 28 - June 24

Please join the artist for a reception on Thursday,  June 2nd from 5:30-7:30.

This show is sponsored by the North River Arts Society.

About the Artist:

"I believe the mark of a good artist is to be able to capture the different facets of life In artwork. The mode in a sense, not illustrating what you see, but expressing what you feel. If you paint without fear and a smile on your face, you can paint a good piece every time!"

Gayle Loik has been an artist all of her life. She has a background in fashion and commercial art. Upon moving to Ma. in the 80’s she took up fine art. Gayle is basically self-taught and works primarily in w-color and pastels. She is a member of 6 art groups and has been in exhibits locally and regionally. She has won many awards and has sold many. Gayle’s latest achievements is N.E.W.S. regional award and No. American Open Biennial. She received recognition in an International W-C magazine from Paris. She has designed covers, illustrated several books, calendars, postcards and many brochures also for businesses. Watercolors, varied subjects by GAYLE A. LOIK, It’s doing it,... “MY WAY”

A watercolor of four glass jars containing pickled vegetables

Application to Exhibit

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