Dolphin Gallery

The Art of Marshall Brem:

August 26 - September 30

About me:

Born in Boston in 1936 and grew up in the Dorchester section of Boston. I went to Roxbury Memorial High School, class of ’54 and on to Boston University School of Business Administration, class of ’58.

Worked in the plastics industry, did a stint in the US Army and found my niche in the working world by getting involved with workouts and turnarounds of troubled companies.

Wanting to do something with my hands, stained glass fascinated me. I took one lesson in Manchester NH in the early 80’s, made a window and the rest is history. I started, stopped, did nothing for a few years and after I stopped working in 1997, my winter projects were windows, mirrors, jewelry boxes, etc.

I learned about glass panels while visiting a glass store in Maryland in 2017 and have been creating them ever since. I use the coper foil method, the same technique used in making Tiffany lampshades. I found my niche and I’m loving it.

All of the panels on display were created at our new home, Linden Ponds here in Hingham.

Silhouetted people walk through a city street with a street lamp in the foreground.

Application to Exhibit

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