Utility and Wellness

Utility and Wellness Slide
A watch band with touch screen displaying a heart rate reading.

Fitbit Watch

A wearable wrist pedometer that tracks steps

A telescope pointed at the sky.


A telescope with 24mm magnification.

Sewing Machine

Sewing Machine

A basic sewing machine.

Kitchen Aid standing mixer and bowl.

Kitchenaid Mixer

A Kitchenaid Mixer. Comes with a flat beater, a wire whisk/whip, and a dough hook.

A Mobile Hotspot displaying cellphone reception.

Mobile Hotspot

Connect devices to the internet by turning Sprint Cellular reception into WIFI. Great for domestic travel.

Paper Shredder larger image

Paper Shredder

A paper and disk shredder. Very quiet!

Mophie Powerstation

Morphie PowerStation

This portable battery will recharge a phone or laptop up to 4 times. Great for camping or travel.

A plug in device with buttons and an energy reading.

Kill-a-Watt Meter

An energy usage monitor.

A rectangular laminator.


A laminator. Requires your own laminated pouches.


Enchroma Colorblind Glasses

Glasses with special lens to help people with common colorblind conditions see a wider spectrum of color while wearing them.

A forearm wrap blood pressure monitor displaying heart rate.

Blood Pressure Monitor

A forearm blood pressure monitor.

A pair of binoculars.


No muss, no fuss binoculars.

a machine with a center dial and buttons.

Sound Machine

A white noise machine with 10 different sound loops.

reader pen

Reader Pen

A pen that can scan and read text aloud.

Light Therapy Lamp

Light Therapy Lamp

A light that aims to alleviate seasonal affective disorder.

Impulse Sealer

Impulse Heat Sealer

Seals plastic/cellophane bags.


Cordless Drill Driver Set

A power drill, two batteries, and accompanying bits

Camping Tent

Camping Tent

An easy to setup tent for camping

pop up canopy tent

Pop Up Canopy Tent

A canopy tent for your backyard party or a function. Tent canopy color comes with navy blue. A red canopy is available on request when picking up the tent.

Metal Detector

Metal Detector

A basic metal detector for finding various alloys and metals.

Graphing Calculator

Graphing Calculator

A TI-84 graphing calculator

Sound level meter

Sound Level Meter

For measuring the decibel level of an environment.