Technology Services

Need Help Staying Connected?

Our staff is here to assist you with your technology questions. Call or email our Technology Services Librarian, Robby St. John, for assistance.
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  • Call at 781-741-1405 ext 2623

Conversion Appointments are Available

The library has equipment you can use to convert your media into a digital format.

We have equipment to convert:

  • VHS to DVD
  • 8mm and super8 film
  • 35mm slides
  • photo scanner
  • Vinyl records (sizes 33, 45, 78)
  • audio cassette tapes
  • Mini DV camcorder tapes
  • 8mm and hi8 camcorder tapes
  • digitize negatives

To get started, fill out our conversion appointment form or call the Technology Services Librarian at 781-741-1405 ext 2623. Once you have an appointment, we will show you how to use the equipment in the library. Some equipment is also available to checkout, so you can do conversions at home! For a full list of what we have available to borrow from the library, visit our conversion borrowing page.

A usb flash drive may be required to store your newly created digital memories.

Be aware that many conversions are done in real time. For instance, a two hour VHS will take two hours to capture.